The objective of the Latin American Carbon Forum was to update the participants in relation to the present carbon market dynamics and to strengthen the required networks that affect the markets. This implicates the approach of different actors of the demand, the supply, the regulation and the actors who facilitate the building capacities.

The participants hadthe opportunity at the Forum (i) to share experiences and lessons learned in relation to the construction of CDM capacities and project design, (ii) to discuss networks capacity building as a critical factor for CDM success, (iii) to get to know originating programs and initiatives from the demand and the supply of carbon certificates, and (IV) to interact in bilateral meetings with project owners, certificate buyers and project design experts.

In this context, the structure of the Forum included:

  • Conferences and discussion panels on different critical subjects of the carbon market, with experts and relevant contacts.
  • Sessions with Presentation/Information desks to facilitate bilateral reunions between market actors. One session for National CDM Offices of the Latin-American & the Caribbean and one session for carbon buyers and CDM consultancy services.
  • Room for institutional presentations with a parallel exposition of: (i) national project portfolios (ii) carbon demand actors (iii) carbon consulting services, including designated operational organizations (DOEs).

For more information about the specific activities, please download the Agenda



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