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Latin America and Caribbean Climate Week 2018 Programme  (English)





Workshop 1: Climate Resilient and Low Emission Infrastructure: Mainstreaming Climate Risks in Planning Future Infrastructure

  • Alberto Undurraga, Chile - PPT
  • Jorge Concha, CAF - PPT
  • Amar Bhattacharya, Brookings Institution - PPT
  • José Luis Samaniego, ECLAC - PPT


Workshop 5: Innovation on climate in the transport sector in LAC

  • Paloma Toranzos Tovarias, UNDP, Chile - PPT
  • Ana Claudia Farias Diaz, Tur Bus, Chile - PPT
  • José Luis Samaniego, ECLAC - PPT
  • Alexis Rodriguez, Panama Canal - PPT
  • Augustin Matteri, UN Environment - PPT


Workshop 6: Cooperative approaches: pathway from offsets to a real contribution to SDGs

  • Carolina Urmeneta, Ministry of Environement, Chile - PPT
  • Sven Braden, Sustainable Development Dialogue, Peru - PPT


Workshop 7: Innovation and technologies for GHG mitigation in the oil and gas sector

  • Alfonso Blanco, OLADE - PPT
  • David Neira, PETROAMAZONAS - PPT


Workshop 9: Climate Compatible Cities

  • Alejandro Miranda, CAF - PPT
  • Jennifer Doherty-Bigara, IDB - PPT
  • Ricardo Bertolino, Argentinian Network of Municipalities against Climate Change - PPT
  • Mónica Gómez, Ministry of Housing, Land Planning and Environment, Uruguay - PPT


Workshop 10: Old technologies for new challenges: Unleashing the potential of waste-based bioenergy to advance SDGs and climate goals

  • Mariela Pino, RedBioLAC - PPT


Workshop 11: Climate finance: Innovative Financial Instruments

  • Mateo Salomon, CAF - PPT
  • Gianluca Merlo, UNDP - PPT
  • Ignacio Lorenzo, Ministry of Housing, Land Planning and Environment, Uruguay - PPT
  • Pablo Cortinez, Fundación Vida Silvestre Argentina - PPT


Workshop 12: Progress on NDCs regarding energy efficiency for the transport, tourism and public sectors

  • Valeria Zambianchi, UNEP DTU Partnership - PPT
  • Carla Zilli, Ministry of Housing, Land Planning and Environment, Uruguay - PPT
  • Yohayra Madera, Viceministry of Energy Savings, Dominican Republic - PPT
  • Gabriel Velasquez, Ministry of Energy, Guatemala - PPT



Plenary 2: Country Readiness Programs: Where are we? A closer look to the Americas

  • Marcos Castro, World Bank Group - PPT




Regional TEM: Waste-to-energy and circular economy

Session 1

  • Paula Cobas, National Development, Uruguay Agency - PPT
  • Emmanuel Dubois, National Solid Waste Management Authority, Antigua Barbuda - PPT
  • Vanesa Vazquez, Quilmes/ABInBev - PPT


Session 2

  • Jaime Herrero, International Centre for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE) - PPT
  • Atilio Savino, Asociación para el Estudio de los Residuos Sólidos - PPT
  • Claudia Adames, Bioelctricidad Industrial - PPT


Workshop 13: The Enhanced Transparency Framework: Status and Solutions for the Region

  • Andrea Meza, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Costa Rica - PPT
  • Virginia Sena, Ministry of Housing, Land Planning and Environment of Uruguay - PPT
  • Carolina Urmeneta, Ministry of Environment, Chile - PPT
  • Augustin Matteri, UN Environment - PPT


Workshop 14: Health and Climate Action

  • Daniel Buss, Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization - PPT
  • Santiago Ibarguen, Pan American Health Organization/ World Health Organization - PPT
  • Randall Waechter, St George's University - PPT


Workshop 15: Multiple Benefits Pathway Approach: Fast Action, Quick Results, Multiple Benefits

  • Graciela Raga, Science Advisory Panel, CCAC - PPT
  • Magdalena Hill, Ministry for Housing, Territorial Planning and Environment, Uruguay - PPT
  • Maria Urmeneta, Ministry of the Environment, Chile - PPT
  • Gonzalo García, INECC, Mexico - PPT



Side-event 2: Tools for NDC implementation

  • Gopal Joshi, UNFCCC - PPT


Side-event 8: Exploring a regional carbon market in LAC

  • Daniel Galvan-Perez, Regional Collaboration Centres Panama and RCC St. George’s - PPT
  • Veronica Gonzalez, Ministry of Environment, Panama - PPT
  • Karen Hedeman, National Council for Climate Change and the Clean Development Mechanism, Dominican Republic - PPT


Side event 9: Innovative observation-based tools to support climate mitigation strategies

  • Phil DeCola, Sigma Space Corporation - PPT
  • Oksana Tarasova, WMO - PPT
  • Marcelo Mena, World Bank - PPT
  • Paulo Barros, Agência Estadual de Meio Ambiente, Brazil - PPT


Side-event 10: Strategies to integrate gender in climate action

  • Laura Marrero, Ministry of Housing, Land Planning and Environment of Uruguay - PPT
  • Carol González Aguilar, Women Technical Secretariat of COICA - PPT


Side-event 13: Private sector and adaptation to climate change

  • Per Wretlind, UNEP DTU Partnership - PPT


Latin America and Caribbean Climate Week 2018 Programme  (PDF)



The Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum (LACCF) is a unique, free of charge regional conference and exhibition platform established in 2006 to promote knowledge and information sharing while facilitating business opportunities among main climate finance and emission market stakeholders.

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